Journey of the Heart


Why do I need these cards?

The Illustration depicts a spectrum of the types of heart ache and joy.

Think about your past and present experiences, which best represents how you feel?

Use these images to self-reflect, communicate your internal feelings and ask about the true desires of those you care about.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

These powerful images invite your subconscious to share important internal feelings about your past and present. Notice which heart represents past pain points and the way you would like to feel in the future. Visualize this coming true.

You can also print and send the 5” x 7” versions as greeting cards letting others know how they make your heart feel.



Navigating through the invisible terrain of feelings and beliefs requires a map.

Art is a direct pathway to stimulate feeling and thoughts. You will be able to know more about yourself and what target areas are in need of support. This isn’t about feeling sorry for yourself, it is about clarity. You can also use these tools to learn deeply about people you care about.

These artistic guides are designed to help you connect with deeper, less conscious feelings that could use your kind–not critical–attention.

Visual Guide Instructions

Quantity: 1 Set

  • QTY 1 – Size: 8 ½” x 11” card (Mosaic of 18 hearts)
  • QTY 18 – Size 5” x 7” cards (Individual hearts)

Download: Product will be emailed for download after purchase.

DIY Printing: Recommended Paper: Photo gloss or semi gloss paper to make a deck (70 – 100 lb or 180 – 300 GSM thickness). Tips for printing 5×7 cards.

Luxe: Email to a FedEx or other local print shop for quick professional printing.

Not for resale.