Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Counselors, Entrepreneurs, Private Practitioners

Our world needs intelligent, loving humans to provide enlightened, respectful refuge to those who are hurting in their hearts. Thank you for being one of those types of people, for carrying the torch.

We have the professional honor to work closely with client’s life stories. Experiences of identity, loss, abandonment, grief, class, love, determination and triumph, common themes, uniquely experienced in each person’s journey. My own motivated my personal desire and professional destiny, culminating into this company.

Products designed for those who want:

  • Personal and professional development from a psychotherapist and career counselor.
  • Life design tools to decrease caregiver burnout and increase joy.
  • Resources to improve client outcomes.


It’s intense to work with heavy hearts. These tools created from the Private Couple Retreat Program which evolved from studying my own work in private practice, what worked and what didn’t.

Designed for your professional and personal development. Use Reflect Plan Evolve tools first on yourself. Then, use with clients, either in session or as homework.

Professional Consulting

Want to invest in more direct personal and professional support?

Training programs concentrate on theory and application, ethics and self-care. Clinical cases are typically short term. There’s little focus on the business end of private practice, e.g., customer service, pricing, branding, marketing.

There’s also minimal guidance on dealing with the energy expenditure of managing a full roster of clients and your own personal relationships, necessary elements to avoid burnout and be successful long term.

You are also sent to work alone with unclear metrics for success and tools to self-reflect, to ask yourself, “How am I doing with client outcomes?” “What am I not seeing in myself?”
Applying decades of experience in career development, communication, ethnography and marketing with my psychotherapy practice.

Physical Archival Prints and Digital Downloads

Worksheets, Posters, Clinical Tools. 

Etsy downloads or delivery prints  LoveSexTrust Etsy Store

Individual & Group Consulting