Welcome to Your Developmental Journey

Welcome to Love Sex Trust Productions ™ an ecosystem of emotional intelligence tools anyone can access to pry out of personal problems. Mirroring the journey of self development in private practice, products are categorized in six emotional intelligence areas. Instead of costing $150 – $300.00 an hour, our eBooks, apps and other supporting digital products cost about the same as a cup of coffee.

Follow the Reflect, Plan, Evolve, process alongside your professional counsel and/or on your own.

Designed for:

  • Individuals and couples who can’t afford or prefer to avoid counseling, but want solutions.
  • Mental health professionals.
  • Clients in counseling who need concrete tools.
  • Partners of people with difficult personality types.

Free Resources

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Advanced Training

Our world needs intelligent, loving humans to provide enlightened, respectful refuge to those who are hurting in their hearts. Thank you for being one of those who wants to.

We have the honor to work closely with client’s life stories. Identity, loss, abandonment, grief, class, love, determination and triumph are common themes, uniquely experienced.

Products designed for those who want:

  • Consultation from a psychotherapist, entrepreneur, career counselor.
  • Work-Life design tools to decrease caregiver burnout and increase joy.
  • Resources improving client outcomes.

Inside Out

Techniques aren’t actually what develop the best counselors.

Your clients are only able to dive as deep within as you can tolerate within yourself.

Follow the Reflect, Plan, Evolve to Welcome to your Developmental Journey, process alongside your professional counsel and/or on your own.

Incorporate Physical Archival Prints and Digital Downloads into your diagnostic tools.

Prefer direct services?

Professional Consulting

Ebook Prescription

Your recommendations carry weight.

Ebooks condensed and priced to increase your clients’ self-curiosity, but not be overwhelmed. To feel respectively supported in their unique developmental journey.

Recommending one or two specific resources contextualizes material from your session, encouraging client’s integration.

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Curiosity and tracking over time are core techniques I use with and model to clients.

The JOURNAL, designed to help clients self observe patterns and progressions of moods and dreams over time, sharing entries if desired with their therapist.

Clients increase competency by having accountability and decreasing denial, while working through complexity, grief, relationship decisions, goal setting, medication monitoring, or other issues.

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