“Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.”
― Louisa May Alcott

Why It Works

An emotional intelligence training tool, designed to stand alone or as part of the Love Sex Trust Productions ™ ecosystem of Ebooks and other content. Designed by UI designers, an Industrial designer/Artist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 25+ years of private practice experience.

Wherever you go, you bring yourself.

Whether you are wanting a meaningful relationship, a better career, or a generally happier existence, you feel the tug of life’s profound questions:

Who am I?

Why am I?

Who do I fit with?

What’s next for me?

Your answers to these questions create your foundation for life. They are important. You are important.

Are you used to reflecting and listening to your dreams, thoughts and desires? Humans have lots of ways to overlook their greatest sense of wisdom, their own self. This app works by facilitating a better conversation with you and you, your oldest friend.

Track how your relationships impact anxiety and depression by journaling dreams, daily moods and triggers. Learn lucid dreaming. Your personal magic trick for revealing your deeper, less conscious world, completely organic, no substances required. Applies science of psychology with detailed expertise garnered from guiding thousands of individuals and couples to achieve breakthroughs in insight, leading to better outcomes.

Contact us if you have these issues:

Technical issues: Please first see the guides on the app itself, (book icon at the upper right).

Refund for a subscription.

Delete Data: You can easily delete your account while in the Journal app from the Journal app settings. Your personal data will never be used, sold, or seen by others and deleted accounts data will be regularly deleted from the cloud server. Contact us to additionally request immediate data deletion from the cloud server as well as your cell phone.

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