Private Couples Retreat: Do It Yourself


Would you like to deepen, reignite, or decide about your relationship on your own in a private, cost efficient way?

Entering into a relationship is an investment you want to protect and nurture.

While there’s no absolute guarantee that you’ll end up on the winning side of risk versus reward, embarking on the journey into being loved is ambitious. Starting a love story is brave, a pathway to overcome the confines of your own self, deepening your maturity and life, both now and for future generations.

Private Couple Retreat: DIY is a workbook helping you create your own immersive, inexpensive couple’s experience. You decrease the emotional, financial, physiological risks inherent in relationships by becoming competent. This book walks you through the steps I use in my practice helping couples deepen, reignite or decide about their relationship.

Learning skills to navigate your current relationship, and using additional eBook resources, you create a theory of “why” your relationship exists as it does now, articulating your true desires for moving forward. Building a conscious strategy, you become empowered.

Not existing unconsciously codependent in your relationship, confused, frustrated, blowing around in the wind, you have agency. You develop independent tools to tell the truth to yourself and your partner about how much love you truly want, seeing what is truly possible between you two.


  • Adaptations to Intimacy
  • Retreat Blueprints
    • Logistics
    • Pathways
    • Mindset
    • Tips
  • Scripts
  • Pitching Retreat to Partner
  • Safety Protocol
  • Evaluating Outcomes
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 29 minutes