Feeling Grief, Loss, Anger


What lost? What’s left? What’s possible?

These three questions built the core of my training as a grief counselor. While simple, they give you tools to assess your losses, experience the associated feelings and organically start to build your new beginnings.

Feeling Grief, Loss, Anger, is a workbook and supportive companion by your side while you navigate grief. Understanding what has been lost, what’s left, what’s possible, building a personalized plan allows you to move forward without subconsciously punishing yourself. Along with ebooks, Retrieving My Childhood Self and Resolving Abandonment and Rejection, helping you consolidate grief deepens your maturity, benefiting yourself, all relationships and future generations.

Dealing with grief in real time is ideal. Whenever you encode a difficult experience within a supportive context you heal better. You recall past pain with support, increasing feelings of trust in yourself, with others and the world.

A lot of times you need to do grief work that’s retroactive. Unprocessed pain is tied to earlier events long ago that you dealt with in more of an isolated way. You didn’t have the luxury, meaning the developmental consciousness, emotional support or space to process at that time. Now you can.


  • Introduction: What lost? What’s left? What’s possible?
  • What’s lost?
  • What’s left?
  • What’s possible?
  • What’s productive? (Skills)
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 30 minutes