Securing the Relationship Perimeter: Close Up, With Others, Long Distance


How close do you want to feel to your partner?

You protect what you value most. Contrary to a currently popular notion of more openness, when your relationship, if it’s one you truly want, is well defined and protected, you feel more secure. You spend time cultivating experiences and memories, not fighting off insecurities. When your relationship isn’t well protected, but you’re attached, you likely feel insecure and resentful.

Securing the Relationship Perimeter: Close Up, With Others, Long Distance, is a workbook, similar to Love Sex Trust and Money and Mate Selection: Rate Your Mate, exploring your subconscious and underlying relationship psychology. Incorporating evolutionary, financial and attraction psychology to explore how humans, as social animals, express value as resources, mark territory, mask insecurity, and establish social hierarchy and positioning of status.

Similar to how I work in my practice, instead of starting off prescribing communication behaviors, you are encouraged to evaluate your instinctive behaviors for more information about your true feelings.

Concrete tools, incorporating other eBook resources, help you assess how close you want to be with your partner, define what this looks like in daily life, and communicate all of it clearly. Increase respect for yourself and your partner by ethically, consciously engaging in defining your relationship and protecting its value. As you increase a solid foundation, you decrease insecurities, allowing each of you to be more vulnerable, increasing your overall sexual and intimate life.


  • Introduction: What is Worth Protecting?
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Closeness and Autonomy
  • Up Close (Skills)
  • Long Distance (Skills)
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 20 minutes