Retrieving My Childhood Self


What is your younger self trying to tell you? Do you know how to pay attention?

Guided imagery is a way to bypass intellectual defenses and access your deeper emotional states.

Retrieving My Childhood Self, is a guided imagery workbook to help you connect to your inner, non defensive, vulnerable self.

A companion resource along with ebooks Feeling Grief, Loss, Anger, Resolving Abandonment and Rejection and Trusting Myself. As you start to give yourself permission to acknowledge feelings, the defenses you previously used to protect yourself can soften.

This can be used as a stand alone resource, with the JOURNAL app, your partner or a therapist. Going back in your imagination to your younger self, you integrate this old part of you with the current more attuned version of yourself. Feeling lighter, more loved, fulfilled and energetic going forward.

Learning to ask your younger self important questions and knowing what to look at within yourself, allows you to feel more competent, self compassionate and embodied as a person. Your life can feel more grounded and rich.


  • Introduction: Who Do I Belong To?
  • Your Body Tells A Story
  • Somatic Approaches
  • Guided Imagery (Homework)
  • Retrieving My Childhood Self (Script)
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 27 minutes