Client Workbook


Would you like to make therapy or other forms of self-inquiry highly productive?

You can get what you want in life, but it requires some focus.

Client Workbook is a workbook helping you organize complex, abstract information about your emotions, nervous system and psychology, to glean important data. This book follows the same protocol I rely on with couples to help them analyze their patterns of bonding and conflict.

Observing your own and partner’s behavior, you create insights about past core wounding, beliefs and behaviors. Use this as a stand alone resource or with the JOURNAL app, your partner or a therapist. Capturing your own information helps you make sense between your past and present. You can then more clearly outline your ideal future vision and strategy.


  • Interpretations
  • Problem Pathway
  • Relationship Hologram
  • Strategy
  • Identity and Integrity
  • Non Progress
  • Idealized Design
  • Evolve

Estimated read time, 20 minutes, (exercises) 30 minutes