Listening Open Heartedly


Do you listen to yourself? Were you listened to?

Simply stated, listening is love.

If you’re not great at it, all relationships suffer. Starting with the one with yourself, spreading into those with others. Listening is a skill you can improve.

Listening Open Heartedly is a workbook designed to help you, or your partner, learn to listen deeply from your heart, a deceptively complex skill. Concrete skills are given to decrease distraction and tune into emotional truths. Learning to listen closely, first to yourself, you connect deeper to your own emotions. Increasing your ability to feel internally, you deepen your relationship to your own vulnerability, allowing you to better recognize the emotions of others. Listening from your heart, you move beyond others’ spoken words, and emotional defenses, to hear what their vulnerable heart is trying to tell you.


  • What’s My Story?
  • Do I Listen?
  • What Do I Believe?
  • Skills

Estimated read time, 22 minutes