Visual Guides: Use to Investigate My Personal History


How do I love? How do I fight? How do I trust? Where am I developmentally?

Navigating through the invisible terrain of feelings and beliefs requires a map. Your current answers reveal clues to an important story, your own unique past.

Art is a direct pathway to stimulate feeling and thoughts. You have important knowledge inside of yourself if you’re interested in diving deeper.

Visual Guides: Use To Investigate My Personal History uses evocative visual imagery and guided journal prompts to help stimulate your subconscious to explore your true experience with heartbreaks, trauma, attachment, intimacy and development.

Use as a standalone or with the JOURNAL app. Instead of avoiding, being curious about all your experiences, positive and negative, honors your past. As you face and make sense of your past, you increase hope and energy for your future.


  • Journey of the Heart
  • A Woman’s Journey of Pain
  • A Man’s Journey of Pain
  • Journey of Attachment
  • Journey of Abandonment
  • Journey of Sexual Intimacy
  • Instructions for a Journey Within (self or with a partner)
  • Wayfinders
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 20 minutes, (exercises) 30 minutes