Separating: Due Diligence Before Starting Over or Leaving Peacefully


How would your life feel without so much self doubt and second guessing?

Creating a new reality requires energy as you take a leap of faith in yourself.

Ambivalence is a coping strategy. It serves an important purpose when life presents impossible scenarios your heart feels is almost impossible to bear. The problem, however, of living in a state of limbo, being undecided for too long, is that it requires too much energy. Burnout, not having enough energy to feel hopeful and make critical decisions ushers in depression, sabotage and/or a new relationship crisis, keeping you confused and feeling ineffectual in your own life.

Separating: Due Diligence To Start Over or Leave Peacefully, is a workbook supporting your head and heart. Providing you with structure by helping you organize feelings, observations about yourself and your partner, and parenting responsibilities. Incorporating other eBooks to help you better understand relationship dynamics, attachment, sexuality, so you can better tackle complex relationship decisions. Learning how to tell yourself hard truths in a loving way, and effectively communicate these to your partner, family and children, allows you to deepen your maturity, benefiting yourself, your relationships, and future generations.


  • Evaluate Your Relationship
  • I Want to Separate To Improve Relationship
  • I Want to Separate And Likely Want a Divorce
  • Getting My Household in Order (Children, Finances, Housing)
  • Communicating Stages of Separation (Scripts)
  • What About Dating Other People?
  • Re-Evaluation & Arriving at Conclusion: Moving Forward Together or Apart
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 59 minutes