Plotting My Sexual Revolution: Overcoming Performance Issues


How would my life be different if I felt inspired and safe to express myself sexually?

Your sexuality is your own. An extension of your unique self to express how, when, why you choose.

Plotting My Sexual Revolution: Overcoming Performance Issues reflects the approach to sex and intimacy I take with clients in my practice. Being introduced to adaptive sexuality early in my career as when working in a hospital, along with theories of differentiation of self, among other influences, have positively broadened my approach. Your body is your own, tells a story that you deserve to listen to.

Insead of reducing sexuality as a form of currency that you have to exchange, work on, prove or defend politically or personally, or owe your partner, you start with an empowered premise that sexuality is yours to express. Seeing sexuality as a broader concept, not solely a technical act, opens up the conversation. Sexuality, like passion, however that is expressed, should feel creative, inspiring, generative, not mechanical, other oriented, performative or forced.

This book overviews some sexual education basics about phases of sexual intimacy and arousal cues to use as a stand alone, with your partner or therapist. Guiding you to troubleshoot your own specific issues that may be blocking your individual organic expression of sexuality.

Approaching your own sexual life with curiosity, compassion and competence, you signal to yourself that you can face this part of your experience and that your personal happiness is very much worth investing in.


  • Introduction: Love Sex Trust
  • Tuning In, Turning On
  • Sexuality Idealized Design
  • Phases, Desire-Arousal Cues, Identity
  • Reworking Mistrust-Performance Issues (Skills)
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 34 minutes, (exercises) 20 minutes