Tracking Myself: Moods, Dreams, Progress


How curious are you about all parts of yourself? Your true desires, the subconscious, social and shadow sides?

The ability to make desired changes (or not) in your life is due to your underlying beliefs that you are competent. Tracking reflects an investment in yourself.

Tracking Myself: Moods, Dreams, Progress is a workbook designed to help you track accountability, study patterns and deeply learn about your subconscious self. Use the JOURNAL app, stand alone or with a therapist.

  • Do you want to dive into your own subconscious to get to know yourself more deeply?
  • Do you want to increase positive habits with health or creativity?
  • Are you observing relationship patterns as you evaluate your relationship?
  • Are you observing your own emotional triggers and resulting moods?
  • Are you tracking your own and partner’s denial and progress towards stated goals?
  • Do you need to monitor effectiveness and side effects of medicine or other health interventions?


  • Introduction: Creating Your Personal Archive
  • Progress Mindset: Am I a good parent to myself?
  • Mood Monitoring:How am I feeling?
  • Dreams: What is my psyche saying?
  • Progress Tracking: Where am I going?
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 18 minutes