Love Sex Trust and Money


How do your needs for intimacy and safety influence your perception of worth?

Your reality is shaped by your perceptions. The ways in which you interpret yourself, your partner and relationship, is directly shaped by how you perceive value. These perceptions, while often not examined directly, are highly influential.

Love Sex Trust and Money is a workbook, similar to Securing the Relationship Perimeter: Close Up, With Others, Long Distance and Mate Selection: Rate Your Mate, exploring your subconscious and underlying relationship psychology. Incorporating evolutionary, financial and attraction psychology to explore how humans, as social animals, express value as resources, mark territory, mask insecurity, and establish social hierarchy and positioning of status.

Helping you evaluate how you were influenced, via your family of origin’s intergenerational experiences with class, love, and trauma. Unpacking how your family modeled to you about both the psychology of money and financial habits.

Concrete tools given to help you assess and respond to your underlying psychology and habits that have been sabotaging you or your partner, holding your relationship back. Laying out the past increases your success with using methods of idealized design alone or with your partner to envision your ideal Love Sex Trust and Money relationship.


  • Introduction: [Money, Love, Worth]
  • Intergenerational Baggage [Money, Love, Worth]
  • Money and Sex (Interview)
  • Financial Framework (Interview)
  • Idealized Financial Design (Skills)
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 25 minutes