Getting What I Want: Personal, Love Life, Career


What would life look like if you asked yourself, “What do I really, really want?”

If you are truly happy with what you have, you respect yourself.

If not, you tend to be judgemental, resentful, immature, with yourself and others.

You might have been taught to settle for less, convincing yourself what you have is good enough. Or, told it’s childish to risk a sure thing for an ambitious dream. Your parents might have modeled to you that being an adult means becoming skilled at coping with circumstances, not building an ideal, happy existence.

You might not have had the time to consider what you want.

Or, perhaps you internalized others’ expectations. You wanted to be a good daughter, son, mother, father. Or, maybe you were taught that getting what you want is selfish and takes away from someone else. Or, maybe you formed a belief that you weren’t good enough?

Getting What I Want is a workbook that gives you concrete ways to help you ask and answer the question, “What do I really, really want?”

Once you allow yourself to ask this question, a world of opportunity opens in your personal, romantic and work life. It’s your life, shape it how you’d like it to be.


  • Introduction
  • Adaptations
  • Mindset
  • Envisioning
  • Goal Setting
  • Organizing

Estimated read time, 32 minutes, (exercises) 30 minutes