Trusting Myself


What does your relationship to yourself look like when you’re not coping?

A design question guiding my practice and business is, What comes after being healed?

This isn’t to say that a perfect outcome exists if you just work hard enough. The question also doesn’t assume you are intrinsically problematic either. It is a motivational interviewing question using idealized design to define a present problem by starting with envisioning your overall desired outcome, then working your way backwards to the present.

Having a vision of your future self, relationship and life and troubleshooting beliefs and behaviors blocking this development, is more empowering than working hard to fundamentally fix yourself.

Trusting Myself is a workbook helping you create and reinforce concrete skills that deepen your connection to yourself. Inviting you to listen and develop your own authentic, creative, intuitive and heartfelt truths. Use as a stand alone resource, with the JOURNAL app or alongside your partner.

The book outlines two different processes for you to compare and contrast to your own, unique style of creative expression. One is a non-verbal, artist and industrial design professional system of idea development. One is a goal setting, somatic mind-body, verbal process. Both strategies activate both the subconscious and conscious approach to problem solving, creative brainstorming and expression.


  • Introduction: Is your life friend or foe?
  • Defining Your Creative Process
  • Working Through Personal Blocks
  • Plotting Your Personal Evolution

Estimated read time, 15 minutes