The Love Sex Trust Productions™ ecosystem of products are designed to mirror the psychological development arc undertaken by thousands through my clinical psychotherapy private practice. People exist at different stages of this process.

Clinical Developmental Journey
Clients start with a relationship pain point and a true desire, spoken or unspoken. In focusing on the present issue, using a psychodynamic theoretical lens, we explore any early unresolved trauma and negative modeling from childhood and adolescence. We analyze relationship conflict and bonding patterns to detect and work through early repressed grief, anger, betrayal.

As clients feel less burdened by the past, they implement new habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

As this competence grows, true intuition and confidence blooms, the psychological foundational tools necessary to optimize natural talents and hone executive strategy skills, such as goal setting, time management, progress tracking, which we also focus on developing. With care, nurturing, and skill development, clients can now turn their true heart’s desire into reality.

Love Sex Trust Productions™ Emotional Intelligence Categories
This developmental journey experienced in the clinical setting, is categorized into 6 emotional intelligence categories. Users can pick and choose ebooks, depending on their specific situation and curiosities. Training programs can also be designed around mastering core competencies in each area.

Curated, concise, expert level why, how and what to do about stubborn relationship and psychological issues using these interconnected and interactive digital guides, including visual card projectives that activate your subconscious hurts, feelings, thoughts and desires.

eBook Categories


Grief, Anger, Betrayal Consolidation

Sexuality: Performance, Identity, Arousal, Desire, Trauma

Intimacy Tolerance: Coupling

Stay or Go: Relationship Decision Making

Mate Selection/Recovery: Compatibility, Dating

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Resolving Abandonment

Plotting My Personal Sexual Revolution: Resolving Performance Issues

Am I [or My Partner] a Narcissist?

Healing from a Divorce: Separate, Divide, Recover

Listening Open Heartedly

Anger: Channeling Constructively

Appreciating My Own Sexual Identity

Affairs/Infidelity: Confront, Decide, Rebuild

Shutting Down Toxic Ex’s and Parental Alienation

Trusting Myself

Retrieving My Childhood Self

Difficult Habits: Overcoming Addictive Behaviors

Love Sex Trust: Financials and Intimacy

Heartfelt Communication

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Guiding Your Relationship

Orientation to the Private Couple Retreat Program